Maintenance Services

We have the right toolsto meet your maintenance needs....

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General Maintenance Services

From installing a posts for a sign to refurbishing a unit from a leak to repair siding, our maintenance team has a wide range of expertise to meet the maintenance issues of your community.

General Electric Services

In order to save our associations money and to increase the timeliness of responsiveness, we developed an electrical department. Our services originated from seeing our associations pay minimal deployments for a simple bulb change.

Bulk Trash Removal
Community Cleanup Services

Communities have bulk trash. End of message. We offer regular cleanup services to help police and remove bulk trash to keep associations presentable.

Why a Maintenance Team?

Howard Property Management created a maintenance team to work closely with our management team to develop the expertise to quickly identify issues needing to be addressed, to determine the best solution and to quickly resolve issues. Our experienced management and maintenance team can handle almost any issue that arises within a community. The Association can be assured that our maintenance team is acting as the Association’s representative and solely in their best interest.

As the needs of our associations have changed, we have grown the maintenance department to fit those needs. It all started with a dump truck to take care of bulk trash and steadily grew into maintenance vans and eventually bucket trucks to take care of pole lights.

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Understand The Role

Together with our maintenance department, we come up with solutions to maintenance issues within your community.

On a regular basis, we will monitor and inspect roofs to determine necessary maintenance measures and examine gutters and downspouts for debris and hire cleaning as needed. Our qualified staff can maintain fire and safety equipment and make recommendations for improvements. From simple drywall repairs to reconstruction, from changing a light bulb to installing new light fixtures, from repairing a railing to installing a community bridge, our team of maintenance professionals can meet the needs of your association with quality and pride.


As the needs of our communities have grown, we have expanded our services to meet the demands of our communities.

Tree Removal
Tree Services

Weather events such as high winds or ice storms can lead to downed branches.? We can remove the limbs before they cause more damage.

Mitigation Services

We are dedicated to responding immediately to water emergencies. Our maintenance team uses advanced equipment and techniques to clean up and restore the unit. Our timeliness reduces the damages, and limits any further damage, while saving you money.

Plumbing Repairs
Plumbing Services

For small leaks, we can make repairs as needed.? For a larger issue, we have the ability to minimize the leak until a plumber is contacted.

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Inspection Services

We conduct regular inspections of the community to verify that it is in compliance. Regular inspections lead to early detection which prevents long term issues.

Thermal imaging camera
Thermal Imaging

We utilize the latest technology of thermal imaging to determine the source of water damage with a complex.? It is key in quickly figuring our the cause so it can be corrected timely.

Repair Services

When a unit owner is affected by water damage, our team can quickly diagnose and repair the issue.? We work with the unit owner to make repairs to their unit so they can return to normalcy.