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use Howard Property Management’s expertise to maintain your property.

Maintaining the Association

The role of Board of Directors includes responsibility for the maintenance, renovation and repair of the major components of your asset ? such as the building envelope (roofs and walls), mechanical systems (plumbing, air conditioning, ventilation, elevators and etc.), electrical systems and the building property (yards, driveways, paths, landscaping, indoor and outdoor pools).

Simple Economics

At Howard Property Management, we understand that economics can sometimes interfere with an association’s ability to perform regular maintenance, to enhance curb appeal or to respond to emergencies without breaking the budget.?Proactively maintaining a property takes a significant amount of time and dedication. Failing to do so, however, comes at an even steeper price. Preventative maintenance is estimated to provide associations with a savings of up to 40% on overall long term costs. It is simply too expensive not to keep your common elements in tip top shape.

Long-term Planning

Our management team guides your board all the way with our industry-leading inspections, maintenance plans and our proactive approach to building maintenance. Your board will be advised on: the current state of your property’s common and limited common elements, the building’s short and long term maintenance and repair requirements, recommended plans for funding and completing projects and proactive maintenance suggestions based upon your community’s specific needs. We strive to maintain our properties in a first-class condition in order to maintain overall appeal and protect the property values of the community.

Contract Evaluation

Our management team evaluates your routine contracts and proposals to ensure that your association is receiving the best value and quality of services.?For major improvements for the community, our management team we will develop an RFP to obtain multiple bids to ensure cost-efficiency, we will meet with experienced vendor’s onsite to clearly define the scope of the project, and will provide the Board of Directors with potential solutions along with different proposals.

Project Oversight

Our team of highly skilled professionals will oversee your project every-step-of-the way to ensure the highest standards of quality, efficiency and satisfaction are being met. The entire process, from design through completed construction, is overseen by Howard Property Management professionals working solely on the Association’s behalf. Our management team’s sole responsibility is to you, the client. We have no vested interest in the contractors, engineers or architects retained for your project.

Decision Support

Our job is to help you make the best construction decisions for you. We will consider budget, contractor services and all other aspects of the job from start to finish. Our direct involvement helps ensure that your project will be successfully completed on time and within budget, with the proper materials and the highest standard for workmanship.

The HPM Difference

Our goal is project success and completion. We don’t just check off a box. We train our managers in project management and provide support throughout the process. When you chose HPM, you don’t just get a manager – you get a whole team!