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Pay Your Assessment

All payments via our online payment system should include your account number to properly identify your account. Your account number is located at the bottom of your statement. Visa and MasterCard accepted.

Order a Resale Package

Resale packages can be conveniently ordered via our online system.? Fees vary based on processing time.? We accept Visa and Mastercard for processing.

Report an Issue

Report any issues or concerns and we’ll make sure you message is loud and clear. Community members report and arrange for common area maintenance and necessary repairs using a 24-hour voice mail phone system.

Missing a piece of the puzzle?

Have you seen your property manager lately??Onsite visits is a key to management.

At Howard Property Management, we realize that being a good property manager is not a desk job.

Innovative Solutions and Proactive Management

Take the stress out of managing your property with Howard Property Management, Inc. At HPM, we?re committed to delivering personalized service and customized solutions to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. We pride ourselves in being more hands-on than other management companies ? and believe that this is the key to the Howard Property Management difference.

Unsurpassed Experience

Since 1988, we have been proudly serving condominium associations and homeowner?s associations in the Baltimore region. Backed by more than 30 years of experience in the property management field, we excel in providing the best services at the best value.

Customer Committment

We are proud of our reputation which we believe consistently speaks to our commitment to excellence. More than 80% of our clients have been with us for more than 20 years.

Technology Driven

We utilize the latest technologies to produce outstanding results and exceed our clients? expectations by delivering superior service, innovative solutions and unsurpassed industry knowledge and expertise.

Partners for the Future

We are proud to say that in an industry known for having a high rate of employee turnover; we have one of the lowest! What does that mean for you? It means peace of mind knowing that the person you?ve entrusted with the care and management of your property will be a partner you can count on to meet your needs long-term.

Exceptional Service

The HPM management team is one of the most knowledgeable and talented in the industry. When you join forces with HPM, you not only get a highly skilled manager assigned to your account but an entire team of dedicated professionals who lend their breadth of experience to the successful management of your property.

Team Approach

Our professional, friendly staff plays a key role in building a sense of community and positively affecting members? perceptions of their Association through consistent communications and management of your Association affairs. Our helpful staff responds quickly to concerns and questions of residents.

Effective Communication

Effective communication provides support which will determine an Association?s success or failure. Our ability to provide superior service leads to satisfied customers. Satisfied customers lead to a more cooperative and involved community, translating into a more constructive living environment.

Community Responsivness

Any Association with satisfied owners increases the overall appeal of the community, resulting in higher property values. Therefore, we hire property managers as much for their public relations skills and responsiveness to resident needs, as for their knowledge of building maintenance and accounting.

Supportive Staff

Our helpful staff responds to unit owners? calls and requests by resolving any issues, and if necessary, communicating them to the Board of Directors. Our staff will respond to complaints, concerns, suggestions or questions in a prompt and systematic manner.

Top Choice in Management

People just can’t stop talking about the Howard Property Management!
Have a look at the reviews from some of the many happy customers.

Superior Support

Provide the board with reports that help us manage our community better, and good counsel to help us make decisions that improve our community. HPM has looked for ways to reduce our expenses, suggesting contracts to be re-bid, and using contractors which provide great service for lower cost than in the past.

Hands On Approach

Prior to contracting Howard Property Management the Greystone Community had what can be termed a ?typical? property management experience, poor communication, confrontational interactions, with generally disconnected leadership. It was for those reasons we sought a partnership with Howard Property Management. The team at Howard Property Management has brought sweeping change to our community with their hands-on approach.

Professional Committment

Our community has been with Howard Property? Management for nearly ten years, and the experience has proven to be entirely positive.?? In addition to providing prompt resolution of an issue, they have always been extremely helpful and professional

Community Driven

Howard Property Management has become more than just a property manager, they have become both neighbors and friends.

Quality Service

They have always shown a genuine interest in providing each homeowner with top quality service.? I thoroughly endorse and recommend Howard Property Management.

Strong Endorsement

I would strongly recommend Howard Property Management to be your next property management company.

Full Service Management

Our experienced management and maintenance team can handle almost any issue that arises within a community.

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Property Maintenance

Proactively maintaining a property takes a significant amount of time and dedication. Failing to do so, however, comes at an even steeper price.

Financial Management

Understanding finances is an essential part of property management. Board members find our monthly financial reports easy to read because they relay the current financial status of an association.

Covenant Enforcement

Our property management team understands the importance of interpreting your association government documents correctly and enforcing them properly.

Project Management

Our team of highly skilled professionals will oversee your project every-step-of-the way to ensure the highest standards of quality, efficiency and satisfaction are being met.

Maintenance Services

Our maintenance team lets us respond to issues quickly while saving an association money. ?This is especially important in condominium management because when an insurable loss happens, our responsiveness minimizes damage to units.


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Gutter Cleaning

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